This is a growing union of hoosiers and we want you to join our mission. Our aims are high.

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Please help us bring this to life. Invest in your community and your future.

Grow and give. Bring people together. Feed families real food.

A little bit from a lot of people goes a long way.

Aquaponics and Hydroponics are scalable. If we do not reach our goal we will use funds to build 1-3 smaller scale facilities.

$30,000 is our goal.

The first $20,000 will pay for Full Circle Fest

The next $10,000 will be used for the construction of the aquaponics and hydroponics facilities.

Funds raised over $30,000 will be used to pay Full Circle organizers and donated to partnering non-profits for community gardens.


For information about everything else

Information Packet


Reach out to Maddie to volunteer


Reach out with general questions at



For information about sponsorships 

Sponsorship Packet

Reach out to Ben or Deven about sponsorship opportunities

317-431-4545 ben@fullcirclefest.com

317-414-8876 deven@fullcirclefest.com

With your donation we will send you an invoice with all tax related documents.

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